Special Education Department Grant Color Poster Maker for “Lions Pride Productions” 11/2015

Project Objective or Need

To provide a color poster maker to  The Special Education Employment Orientation Program.  The Special Education Employment Orientation Program runs a school wide business called “Lions Pride Productions,” which provides business services. The Special Education students are trained on various business machines that can provide copies, business cards, engraved plaques, bulletin board decorations, and variety of administrative services. There had been a large request for color posters and they could not provide this service for their clients.


The color poster maker had made it possible for “Lions Pride Productions” to offer a new service to all the students, staff, coaches and community members that make up their client base.  The color poster maker has also become a major curriculum addition to the existing EOP 1 program.  The students have been able to obtain a wider customer base by offering the colored posters to their clients and interact with typical peers, and gives them a broader work experience.


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