Science Department Field Trip Body Worlds: Pulse 5/2016

Project Objective or Need

Body Worlds: Pulse field trip brought students closer to the information that they learn in the classroom.  In advanced research colleges, and medical schools, students use the same method to be able to learn more about the human body.


The Body Worlds: Pulse museum is an educational learning center designed to educate the public about the awesome nature of the Human body.  The museum’s theme ties directly in the major themes and ideas from Anatomy.  Body Worlds: Pulse shows off the different systems, organs and functions of the human body by exposing real human tissues that have been preserved.  This STEM field trip may have encouraged more NHHS students to pursue a science when they go to college.


 At the Body Worlds: Pulse exhibit I was able to witness everything we have learned this year in Anatomy class in a tangible form.  It increased my appreciation for the human body and how unique and intricate beings we are.  I thought it was amazing  and impressive exhibit.  Kelly Landers

Learning about the body in a classroom setting was awesome, but be able to physically see the part of the human body that I had learned about was an absolutely astonishing experience.  This field trip made me more excited to study nursing next year.     Rebecca Errickson

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