Environmental Club Grant Water Refilling Stations 6/2016 & 6/2017

Project Objective or Need

Clean water is an essential nutrient for life. By installing two bi-level water refilling stations in June of 2016 it served the purpose of providing clean, filtered water for students and staff.

The Environmental Club came back in November of 2016 and asked for four additional water refilling stations to be located on the second level of the school.


The water refilling stations will increase the well being of all at NHHS. Each water filling station has the potential for a reduction of approximately 22,700 plastic water bottles per year, per station. It will serve as a positive move  for the Environmental Club campaign of “Go Green at NHHS” reusable water bottle campaign, and save the school district the cost of recycling the plastic.


I’m so grateful to have the water filling station within the school. Not only is the water cold and refreshing, I’m no longer fearful of obtaining any germs from the fountain since it’s monitored by a censor. It’s awesome!

– Regina Cavo

The water filling stations are an excellent addition and one that I use 2-3 times per day. I see many colleagues and students using it as well. Not only is it convenient for us, but thousands of plastic bottles have been saved in less than a month! Thank you and I would love to see more throughout the school!

– Kevin Kley