Virtual Driver Interactive Simulator 6/2017


Virtual Driver Interactive Simulator

Motor vehicle fatality is the leading cause of accident death among teenagers, representing over on-third of all deaths to teenagers.  Strong emphasis must be placed on safe driving habits to new drivers in this age group.  When facing a dangerous situation in the real world, it is not as important what you know, but what you do. 

Simulation allows practice of what to do if a hazardous situation should present itself and simulators have proven more effective than conventional classroom teaching through:

  • Ability to practice potentially risky scenarios in a safe environment
  • Increased knowledge retention by doing, not just being told
  • More complete, consistent and objective reporting
  • Students must demonstrate what they have learned

The Virtual Driving Essentials is a full training curriculum of 16 lessons teaching techniques that cannot be safely demonstrated behind the wheel.  For example:  the dangers associated with speeding, hydroplaning, and texting and driving. Pre and post assessments measure each student’s demonstrated improvements while the Parental Companion Program encourages parents to participate using any computer or mobile device to see the same training content at home that their student sees on the simulator.