College Bound Programs

College Bound Programs

The Career and College Resource Center, now in its fourth year will build on the success of its previous programming. In the Summer of 2019, the NHEF offered essay writing workshops, mock interviews to prepare students for college and job interviews, naviance tutorials, and an onsite coach to answer parent’s questions on the college process. Over 165 families attended our programming with many attending multiple sessions.

Identify the right career and college options for you

Understand the college admissions timetable and requirements

Learn from visits to NHHS by over 80 college representative and college exploration bus trips for NHHS students

Prepare for a job or college admissions interview

Write an effective essay on your college application

Offer parent-led small group talks on all topics related the college application process

Utilize Naviance effectively

Offers information for teachers, administrators and parents to support students’ career exploration and post-secondary educational opportunities