International Filmmaker, Producer, Professor & TedTalk Speaker: Lucas Jedrzejak 2019-2020

International Filmmaker, Producer, Professor and TED Talk Speaker (Lucas Jedrzejak)

In three separate sessions, participating students (Human Geography, International Relations, Film and select English classes) learned about the Syrian Refugee Crisis through children’s eyes by previewing Mr. Jedrzejak’s documentary film, Keyermaya.  The film is about a small refugee camp in the Lebanese mountains who face the ultimate adversity (losing their homes and being forced to live in a makeshift camp).  The documentary follows a group of young girls who established their own schools and began teaching the younger children.  North students consider how displaced people build community despite being forced out of their homes due to war.  They were be able to interact with Mr. Jedrzejak and his class of documentary film students at college in England via Zoom to learn about global issues. 

Filmmaker and TEdTalk speaker, Lucas Jedrzejak, works in his community as a professor and storyteller to build bridges when he visits these hard to reach communities.